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Mobile Trends in CRM for Post-Acute Care

mobile-trends-thumb.pngEverywhere we look, things are going mobile! Phones and tablets have become a critical part of both our personal and professional lives, and it seems that there’s an app to help you do just about anything. Following this trend, most of the major post-acute care companies have been providing their sales teams with a mobile CRM solution to help them be more efficient and effective in the field. With the increased level of competition in the marketplace, you have to give your team the tools necessary to compete and win. So what should you be looking for?

Here are the top five trends that you should expect from your mobile CRM to get the most out of this emerging technology for post-acute care sales.

1. Intelligent Scheduling

The app should allow sales reps to schedule, change or update their daily, weekly and monthly events with just a few touches. It’s not uncommon for a sales rep to have 10 meetings a day with continuous changes to upcoming appointments. Look for an app that offers a drag and drop calendar that makes intelligent suggestions based on past history. This makes it easier for reps to update their schedule. The app should also allow managers to easily access their reps’ schedules for updates.

2. Eliminating Redundant Data Entry

Time is valuable and an app that offers a “quick note” feature eliminates repetitive data entry and adds time back to a sales person’s day. Quick notes are very intuitive, offering suggested notes by connecting the dots. Voice-to-text notes were popular when apps first hit the market, but this doesn’t work well when there is poor connectivity in rural markets. Quick notes allows the rep to personalize sales notes and record things they do on a regular basis with or without internet connectivity. With one click, all visit notes automatically populate. Think of it like a default set of notes from which the rep can pick and choose the verbiage they need to document the outcome of their call or visit.

3. Track Expenses on the Fly

A mobile CRM should offer a feature that allows reps the ability to track accruing expenses in real-time. The rep simply takes a photo of the receipt with their device and completes the expense with one click. The expense details are automatically saved and the software makes sure the expense meets compliance regulations.

4. Identify Customer Leads

Typically, sales reps would go to a meeting and then head back to the office to dig up another opportunity. Now, a CRM mobile app can help identify new opportunities while in the field and give the sales reps an understanding of the value of these opportunities. This gives the rep the capability to quickly adapt to their surroundings and maximize the potential based on where they are located to initiate a relationship or provide educational information about your services.

5. Respond at the Speed of Business

One of the most important features that your mobile CRM needs to have is the ability to inform your sales team of pertinent information in real-time with or without internet connectivity. When a rep receives a referral, request or new contact, they should be alerted and able to respond immediately to the request, regardless of their location at the time. This isn’t just quick service they can provide; it’s improved service. Our customers that utilized a mobile CRM in the past year saw an increase in sales calls, a decrease in time spent on paperwork and an increase in year-to-year sales.


These top mobile trends will benefit management as well. With ease of access to real-time data about sales efforts, management can provide better guidance, solutions and tools than ever before. Managers and companies have a new level of transparency that is critical to growing sales. Mobile CRM has been one of the most impactful tools for post-acute care sales in years.

Our customers that utilized a mobile CRM in the past year saw an increase in sales calls, a decrease in time spent on paperwork and an increase in year-to-year sales.

Tim Rowan, Editor of Home Care Technology Report, had this to offer: “As more and more mobile apps are becoming available to the post-acute care industry and they are getting smarter and smarter — I recommend people in our industry get used to using them because they are important and helpful now, but in the very near future they will be critical and essential to business — you might as well become an expert now to be prepared.”

Sales teams have always been mobile, but mobile CRM gives a rep the ability to immediately decrease time spent on administrative tasks and allow more time to interact with referral services and increase their “sales window.” Staying informed of mobile trends as they evolve will position your company at the forefront of technology-enhanced sales organizations.

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