Client Case Study

Doctor's Choice Home Care

The Challenge

Doctor’s Choice Home Care had three main challenges to address. First, the sales team had no way to identify which accounts produced the most volume because they didn’t have a platform that could provide analytical data to determine how valuable an account could potentially be. Second, transparency between the sales team and management was an obstacle to growth. Management needed to find a better solution for tracking their sales team’s contacts, calendars, meeting notes and current status of accounts. The third challenge stemmed from a merger and acquisition standpoint. Their team had no idea where they ranked in a particular market, which was a big problem that impacted their growth strategies. 

“It is a real challenge when your team cannot assess if it is time for the company to buy another license elsewhere or move into another market because we didn’t have the quantifiable data to justify it,” said James DeVriendt, Executive Vice President of Business Development.

The Solution

In July 2014, Doctor’s Choice Home Care implemented PlayMaker to help them address their key challenges. “Everyone had heard of the power of PlayMaker and knew the amount of insight it could provide regarding analytics,” DeVriendt added. “This platform is exactly what our team needed to take us to the next level — numbers are everything.”

The data is positively impacting their sales team’s goals. “The sales reps like being able to look at the rankings of the physicians,” said DeVriendt. “It encourages them to ask the hard questions and figure out how to break down those walls and gain the trust of physicians.” PlayMaker has also helped create transparency between management and the reps, helping them retain and add new clients. “The platform has really helped our sales team know where to focus by giving us the data points we need to be effective,” he added.

PlayMaker also revealed that the company ranked number one in every location and owned 12 to 15% of the market. “While this is great news, we knew that to stay on top and continue to grow would take a great plan based on great data.” By using PlayMaker, DeVriendt was able to pull accurate data for a presentation to the board that revealed that they were only going to grow 1.5% based on current trends, far lower than the double-digit goal they had targeted. DeVriendt was able to recommend to the board that in order to obtain their growth target, they would need to review opportunities with mergers and acquisitions.


  • PlayMaker helped increase the number of “starts of care” for the company each month by more than 25%.
  • It also helped underperforming sales reps increase “starts of care” by up to 50%.
  • PlayMaker reduced overhead: To receive the amount of quantifiable data PlayMaker delivered, Doctor’s Choice would need to have hired 4-6 full-time statisticians.

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