Client Case Study

Well Care Home Health increases number of admits by 82% with PlayMaker CRM

The Challenge

Prior to the implementation of PlayMaker CRM, Well Care Home Health was facing several business growth challenges and understood the importance of finding a solution that would enable them to maintain their elite status in their market. Most of the issues were related to visibility into key performance indicators, such as progress to monthly goals, pending and non-admit reasons, and the efforts of sales representatives that were leading to referrals.

“We were having difficulty understanding where our referrals were actually coming from, and we didn’t have visibility into the efforts of our reps, which made it a challenge to effectively manage the team,” says Christine Hoskins, Regional Sales Manager.

The Solution

In June of 2012, Well Care selected PlayMaker CRM as their sales platform to assist with the sales & marketing challenges they were facing. “With PlayMaker, we always understand where we are in relation to our goals, both from an individual and team perspective. We’re also able to identify trends and engage with referral sources that may not be sending us as many patients as they used to,” Hoskins added.

Empowering their sales team with PlayMaker CRM Mobile has streamlined tracking information from the field. “Our reps love the mobile app, especially for capturing photo receipts of expenses and receiving referral notifications while on-the-go. Having these capabilities saves us so much time when compiling reports.”

Hoskins has also found that PlayMaker CRM is a powerful recruiting tool that allows them to attract top talent from larger competitors in their market. “When candidates learn that we use PlayMaker, they realize that we are willing to invest in their success by providing them with the tools they need to excel.”

Well Care has also realized the benefits of intake staff utilizing PlayMaker CRM to reduce pendings and non-admits. “If intake forgets to add information, or information is inaccurate, we can easily cross-reference our EHR with PlayMaker and correct the issue, ensuring we can admit the patient and begin providing care,” says Hoskins.


In the four-year period since implementing PlayMaker CRM, Well Care Home Health has experienced tremendous growth in three key areas:

  • 82% increase in the number of admits
  • 38% increase in the average number of admits received per physician
  • 31% increase in the number of referring physicians they work with

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